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Non-Profit 501©3 

Bringing inspiration and encouragement through the written word and providing hope and help to financially and developmentally challenged children.


Kannon's Story

Kannon lives in a mobile home in the country with animals and plenty of land to roam. A great place for a boy to grow up in But the school district that the family resides in does not offer any programs for a non-verbal autistic child. Dad works days and Mom works nights while saving to purchase a home in a school district offering an education for children like Kannon. In the meantime, TiMMark Angels desires to provide learning materials for children in this situation that will keep them on track while waiting to attend public school.

Leah & Gracie's Story

Leah and Gracie both have cochlear implants but still have to rely on sign language to communicate with family. They have received many great benefits for their hearing impairment but this, of course, takes a toll on everyone. Dad works hard to support the family and Mom has employment that allows her to work from home. TiMMark Angels desires to provide families like this with a memorable vacation.

kerri in wedding dress.jpg

Karen's Story

Karen lived a long life for a Downs Syndrome child. She is 60 years old in this picture and her niece wanted to give her the joy of wearing a wedding dress. She talked her whole life of marrying "Johnny" who was any man in a uniform. It was not easy for Karen's single mom who kept her at home instead of in an institution but the joy that "Kerri" brought to everyone by sharing her love and simple dreams was priceless. TiMMark Angels desires to honor Karen's life  by making simple dreams for other children come true.

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