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About TIMMARK Angels

TIMMARK Angels is a nonprofit organization founded by Jerri Bankston. Jerri lost her son Timothy when he was thirteen months old and then a year later lost her son Mark who was stillborn.  While this had a profound impact on Jerri she never lost her love for God or others.  One day while doodling Jerri drew the two boys in the logo, Timothy from memory and Mark from her mind.  And the idea for TIMMARK Angels was born.


In 2013, Jerri started self-publishing the whole Kid-and-Kaboodle magazine under TiMMark Publications. She has also published a book, God, You Must Think I'm Crazy and has four children's books ready to be published.  Prayer and Praise on Main was started in 2019 and rain or shine has met the first Friday of every month.  TIMMARK Angels is the nonprofit that oversees all of these areas of ministry. 

TIMMARK Angels mission is to bring inspiration and encouragement through the written word and provide hope to both financially and developmentally challenged children primarily suffering from hearing impairments, Down Syndrome and Autism. TIMMARK Publications will encourage families with helpful information and promote faith and family values through the magazine and children's books.

Ways To Connect With Us

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